Training Update

December, I’ve Been Waiting For You!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend. I knew that once December came, I was going to start testing out my body and it’s limits. It has been 6 months since I was able to work out and I couldn’t wait to get back out and into it on my own. Sure, I did 3 kickboxing classes and ran twice on my own, but that was just testing the waters before my insurance stopped covering my therapy sessions. This time, I was on my own. It felt like when you’re learning how to ride the bike and they take the training wheels off. Except, I fell several times and that was not what was going to happen this time around.

This is the first update I’ll be doing on the blog in regard to my training. Every Saturday night, I’ll post a recap of what I did, my progress and any challenges I find that I enjoy, I’ll post as well. Let’s take a look at how the first five days went:

December 1st – December 5th

As for my daily 2 mile runs, those have been going rather well. My back has been a bit irritated this week post-Thanksgiving weekend festivities so I don’t feel that these have been close to being great runs but still. I use Runkeeper to track my runs and well.. take a look:

Tuesday, December 1st:

I ran/walked 2.05mi in 30:21. My fastest mile was at an average pace of 12:51 min/mi. The last mile was my slowest at 18:27 min/mi, as it included a bit of a cool down walk.

I did take it a bit slow and tried to keep my strength workout short because I don’t want to overdo it and end up back at the doctors. So, for leg day, I kept it simple with 3 rounds of squats and lunges. I like to do variations of each, so for squats, I did close, standard and sumo squats, 20 reps of each. For lunges I did, standard lunges (not walking lunges) and side lunges, 20 reps of each as well. For abwork, I did sit ups, leg raises, and raised leg crunches. 20 reps of each.

Wednesday, December 2nd:

I logged 1.95mi in 25:32. My split times were 13:01 and 13:08 min/mi. The first mile included a short warm up walk. The second mile included a bit of walking, but not much of a cool down walk.

Once I got home, I stretched a bit and attempted to do my own little version of yoga, which I had fun recording on time lapse. That evening, I went to a yoga class which helped a lot with my back. Thanks to Thanksgiving weekend, I purchased a nice little Groupon to try out 5 yoga classes at a nearby facility and I think this will be a great way to help stretch out since I’m having to cut my therapy sessions from 3 to 2 and sometimes once a week.

Thursday, December 3rd:

I added a bit more to the route this time and logged 2.25 mi in 34:51. My fastest mile was the 2nd mile with an average pace of 13:16 min/mi. I did walk a lot more once I reached the 2nd mile which is why my average pace reached 15:31.

I have a confession to make about my strength workout for day 3: I absolutely suck at at-home workouts for chest and back. You tell me to do legs, biceps/triceps, shoulder and core at home with no equipment and I can come up with hundreds in a heartbeat. Tell me chest and back and all I can come up with is pushups. So, I resorted to the internet. I ended up doing variations of pushups, standard-width, wide and even tried a new “pilates” variation. This pilates variation was actually my favorite one because I felt my core seriously engaged. Basically, you get into pushup position, lift one leg and bend at the knee, having your heel close to your glutes. Then you just complete the pushup like you normally would. I chose to have my hands at a wide width for this exercise. For back, I tried reverse snow angels, supermans and finished it off with an extended plank as they are really good for your lower back. I also did two sets of 10 burpees, because who doesn’t love those! But, I promise I’ll work on something more exciting next time. But check out the video of me doing the pilates pushup variation:

Friday, December 4th:

This was a much better day. First off, there’s a bit of an incline around the first third of the mile which I tend to walk; well, I ran it. It wasn’t as cold, and although my legs, especially my shins felt a bit tight I was able to run a bit more rather than walk. I logged 1.95mi at 26:26, with an average pace of 13:33 min/mi.It took me about a minute longer than my Wednesday run, however, this felt easier to run.

I finished it off with some stretching, focusing on lower back and quads. I was supposed to go to physical therapy but unfortunately, I just couldn’t afford the session. I also stretched my chest because I’m a bit sore from those pushups. I am also a huge promoter of foam rolling. I did that for a few minutes and then I also used my TENS unit and did two 30 minute sessions both in my neck and lower back area.

Saturday, December 5th:

Best day of the week! I’m glad that I get to finish this update with the best workout of the week. First off though, I have to say that this was not a fasted cardio session as it should have been. Saturday’s means class at 9:25am in the city, my commute is at least 1 hour and 15 minutes and I’m still trying to get out of bed early since I don’t work. However, I couldn’t wait to get home and go for my run. It felt great! I ran a little longer at first, my walking breaks were a bit shorter. The wind was not there, it was chilly but I had a great view of NYC and well, I was excited for this run.

My average pace was under 13 min/mi. The first mile was at an average pace of 12:22 min/mi and then the second mile was a minute higher. Negative splits is one of the things I know I need to work on as it will help me in future races.

Saturday was also biceps/triceps & shoulders day. This was my bodyweight strength workout:

2 rounds of each:

Circuit 1:

15 tricep dips

20 punches

15 pseudo planches

15 push press (with luggage)

Circuit 2:

15 tricep extensions

15 body rows

15 pushups

15 shoulder taps


Sorry for the long update! I promise the next one will be much shorter, haha. This is my first week back to working out full time and this is basically the base to my progress. I can’t wait for my 5 mile run on Sunday, for another yoga session this coming week as well as my physical therapy session. MJ misses her therapy!

How was your week?

Any advice on body strength workouts? Share your knowledge!

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