Everybody Has A Story

Everybody Has A Story: Jenny Cote

Hello there! Happy Sunday you sexy people!

I hope you had a great week and are ready for a new one coming in. Today’s my momma’s birthday so please send best wishes her way. I am eternally grateful for that woman. Right before Thanksgiving, she started to tell me how they were so strict with me when I was young. I had to cut her off. Thanks to her and my dad, I’ve grown to be a smart, beautiful, independent, hardworking woman with what I believe to be a kind, loving heart. They’ve worked hard to make sure that I had everything I needed and have been my biggest support system after I decided to move up north on my own. Happy birthday mom! Love you! ❤

Now, are you ready for today’s Everybody Has A Story post?! Today I have the pleasure of sharing Jenny with you. I met her via my last blog, MJ Runs. Crazy enough, we simply started following each others blog and we kept in touch through social media. I finally got to meet her earlier this year when she came to New Jersey and I got to spend a short, but sweet time with her and her son, Parker. Plans are in the works for me to head over to Canada for Fall 2016 and hopefully do a race together. So, before I make this post all mine….

Meet Jenny Cote

Jenny’s friend Steph (left) and Jenny (right) crossing the finish line at a half marathon in May, 2015. (See below for why she chose to share this picture)




Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi, my name is Jenny. I work a full time and part time job, as well I am a full time mom to a wonderful 6 year old! Our family purchased a home 4 years ago, and its been under constant renovations. So when I am not working, working out, spending time with the family or traveling, we are working on our house!

When and how did you begin working out?

4 weeks after my son was born I decided that I was going to be a fit mom. Even before I got the go ahead from my doctor, I was working out in my living room. I used (and still do) at home work out DVDs/ You Tube videos. Including but not limited to, Beachbody videos, Jillian Micheals and my personal Favorite Fitness Blender!!

What are your current fitness goals?

I just finally beat all 3 of my running goals this past summer. I ran a 5km in under 30 minutes, a 10km in under an hour and I beat my goal of 2:30 in a half marathon by almost 10 minutes. So other than being consistent with 4-5 workouts per week, I am just enjoying the benefits of how I feel after each workout.

Have you ever been injured?

2 years ago I rolled my ankle pretty good, and I was out for about a week. However, just 2 weeks ago I sprained a few muscles in my upper back, so I am trying to take it easy. No weights, just lower body workouts and spin!

How do you sneak in your workouts with a 6 year old?

I don’t even see this as a thing, I have always just worked out with my son in the room. I love that it sets an example for him to be healthy and strong! Sometimes when we are really busy, I will work out after he goes to bed, at 8:30pm because getting up early to work out has never been a thing for me.

What’s your go to exercise and meal?

I do not have a favorite, I like to mix it up. The 3 types of exercises I rotate between are: spin class, HIIT training and weight training.

My favorite meal…..Pizza.

Favorite quote?

I like the quote “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their fitness/wellness journey?

You don’t need to spend ANY money on anything, if you have the internet you can do full body exercises at home with no equipment. Even if it’s a 10 minute squat challenge. Start there, build it up slowly…promise you will get addicted.

Anything else you want to share?

If you are searching for a work out or running partner, make sure you find someone that will be willing to constantly grow and change with you as you both get stronger. Sometimes you both can get stagnant in your workout routines and your goal, whether it is a weight loss goal or a time goal for running may suffer.

Why did you choose this picture?

I used this picture because Steph is my running partner, and she has historically been much faster than me and has inspired me to be a better and faster runner. This race was different; she was struggling and didn’t know why (we found out in Aug. that it was a VERY unexpected pregnancy and she was almost 3 months pregnant at the time). I stayed with her, and we crossed together. Sometimes its not your time that you worry about, but supporting your friend is all that matters. I know she would have done the same for me, and for that I am so honored to call her my BRF (best runner friend).

First off, congrats Steph! Second, I want to thank Jenny for taking a moment to share a bit with us. I couldn’t agree more with her advice on finding a good workout partner, they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be willing to grow alongside with you during the journey. I’ve had a few in the last couple of years and each one brought something that motivated me to keep going… I only hope they felt the same way about me.

I hope you enjoyed her story! Do you also have two jobs and a child you have to take care of? How do you balance your workouts? Share what works for you!

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