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Making Time Gets You Results

Hey there!

So, yes, I know I’m a week overdue for this but finals finally got to me. This week hasn’t really been dedicated to the blog because I’ve been making sure that I don’t fail pre-cal or law & evidence, that final isn’t until Monday evening. Wish me luck!

But, I have been working out, not completely following the training schedule because I have felt a bit of discomfort in my knee with simply walking the four flights of stairs to my apt. I also spent all of Wednesday in school, as in I was out of the house for 16 hours, and by the time I got back it was pouring. And it poured all of Thursday too. No laundry was done on Thursday, I didn’t even get out of the house.

At first, I felt bad for skipping my run due to the rain, but I did it once already last week and I have been battling the possibility of getting sick. So what have I been up to?

5 mi long run on Sunday, December 6th? Completed it 1:04:59 with a pace of 13:00min/mi.

I only ran 6.16mi between Monday, December 7th and Friday, December 14th. Having class so early on Saturdays is making it difficult for me to get in that workout.

I did not do my long run on Sunday because I took the boys to the zoo. However, I still had to do that run. Soooo… here’s the fun part: MJ RAN IN THE RAIN! As in pouring rain. Glasses had to come off because it was insane and drops were hitting my face like they were out to get me. I got soaked from head to toe. I wore my windbreaker/rainjacket but it was so heavy that it wasn’t enough. I got home soaked. But I ran. I did 5.92mi in 1:14:10 with a pace of 12:32 min/mi.

***Because if I don’t show you, who’s gonna believe me?! LOL! I was soaked!***

As for this week, it’s been a disaster with making sure I take all the classes I need next semester, taking placement tests, and prepping for finals. So I only ran 2 mi on Tuesday in 24:59 with a pace of 12:29min/mi.

Today, Saturday, I ran the Central Park Holiday Classic 10K! Boy, was it cold. Let me give you a little TMI here: I thought my boobs were frozen. I pulled an all-nighter studying for my pre-cal exam, left my house at about 6:45am, commuted from Jersey to NYC & ran my 10K. Right after I crossed the finish line I had to head over to school for my exam. I will be doing a review by the end of next week on this race. For now, though, I can tell you that it was my hilliest race ever, in any distance. I’ve ran there before but it’s not the same to run on your own than when you’re in a race. I am very proud of my time though, because guess what?!

I PR’d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some reason this didn’t register at first, until like 3 hours later. But it’s AWESOME!!!!

My new 10K PR is…. ***drum roll*** 1:20:43 with a pace of 13:00. I shaved almost 2 minutes off my time! I’m so ridiculously excited!!!

As for strength workouts, I received my resistance bands and have begun to use them. I will be showing you a few of the workouts when I’m not pressed for time. I’m so glad that they’re so convenient to just pack and go cause I’m taking them to Miami. I have not used the therabands though. I have also been doing a few of the strength workout videos from Grokker. I found out about them through a Twitter Chat done by them and FitFluential and I decided to try out their free 14 day trial and well, I think I’m staying. Not only have I done a Tabata leg workout but I have also done a Tabata ab workout and even yoga for the core and abs specifically. I got a crazy burn out of them and was so sore just a few hours later.

***This picture was taken after I completed my run and two of the 7 minute HIIT workouts on Grokker.***

I’ve also been using their videos for therapy sessions. I unfortunately have not had the funds to go to therapy, but I make sure to do some of the stretches at home. I foam roll consistently. But they have a few yoga workouts targeted to help with pain relief on Grokker. I’ve discovered yin yoga and as much as I despise going to a yoga class because it makes me so sleepy, I’ve fallen in love. I don’t know enough about it yet to speak about it but I’ll be using my winter break to do some research on a few things and this is on that list. Yin yoga is very relaxing, you maintain the poses for a good 3 minutes minimum and focuses on shutting everything down and just dedicating time to your body. We rush everything nowadays, and believe me I love to be busy, but I can definitely say I’m loving every minute of those videos.

Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to show you some videos of me doing some of the workouts and using my resistance bands.

How have you spent the past few weeks? Any milestones, recommendations or words of wisdom you’d like to share?

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