Monthly Goal Update

Playing Catch Up on December

No excuses. I’ve been gone. I got to Miami for the holidays and would log on here and I just couldn’t get to writing. I was so excited about being home with my cousins and my parents since I wasn’t home for the holidays the previous year. And then, I’d try to write and something would come up. And something else. And well, here we are. 2 weeks later.

The blog was on hold. But not the training. Up until this week, MJ had been going on her runs, managed to get a guest pass to her old gym for a week, took out the bike for a ride and has been doing some serious yoga at home. People have noticed my dedication, my discipline and my progress. It’s been great. This week, my body has asked for some rest and well, I’m obeying.

But I had a few goals for December I had set out and well, it’s not all checks and hoorays! but MJ worked hard and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself. And yes, in case you haven’t noticed, I speak in third person sometimes. It brings out my awesomeness. So without further ado…

Stick to my Training Schedule despite the holidays.

I’m glad to say I did. Yes, New Years Eve was such a success that I did nothing on New Years Day, but I never used family gatherings as an excuse or anything of the sort. I encouraged my cousin to come out with me and that didn’t work but I stuck to my long runs and the only times I didn’t do my daily 2 milers were when I was in school for the entire day, I felt a bit of pain and didn’t want it to worsen or the weather was absolutely horrible and didn’t want to risk getting sick. I knew I was back and it was something I was anxious about so excuses had no place in my training schedule. So I have to say I REACHED MY GOAL!

Get enough 7-8 hours of sleep minimum every day.

Hmmm.. I tried. I used Sleep Cycle to help track my hours and see patterns. There were still some days were I was getting between 3-5 hours of sleep, but it wasn’t as often. There were other days where I was sleeping 7-10 hours a day. When I wouldn’t sleep well the night before I also would attempt to take a nap in the middle of the day, this only worked about two times. So, I wouldn’t say I reached my goal but rather I IMPROVED!

Finish the year at 155lbs or less.

The scale and I have just not been the best of friends after the 160lb mark. I started December at 162 and although I have to say that yes, I pigged out on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve, I thought I would reach my goal. Well, I DID NOT REACH MY GOAL! However, I’m not disappointed. I started the year at 159lbs. It’s not 155 but when I look at it, I wore both of my holiday dresses without a waist trainer or garter belt or whatever those Colombian things are called. My Christmas Eve dress showed off a bit of my midriff & I haven’t done that in public since my cheerleading days in high school! WIN! The scale also doesn’t show me the amount of muscle mass I have or the fat percentage I lost during the month. It only shows me a number. So, while it’s not 155, I am more than proud of myself because I haven’t been 159 in a long time and I look and feel much better than I have in so very long.

How did you do? Did you reach your goals? What are you working on for the month of January?


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