Monthly Goal Update · Training Update

No Complaints for January


I’m just going to go ahead and say: I killed it.

Before I break down the goals and whether or not I accomplished them, I want to say that I’m absolutely and insanely proud of myself. I did so much that I didn’t think I would be able to and I stepped out of my comfort zone while on vacation and just rocked every bit out of January.

As I had mentioned, I wasn’t going to focus on my weight and my training plan was set out but it was meant to allow me to play with strength and cross-training days while sticking to my runs. However, I should point out that on February 3rd I weighed in at 157.8. That’s just a little over a 2lb loss for the month. Considering that I ate HORRIBLE for the first 2 weeks of vacation and then didn’t work out for the next two weeks, that’s awesome!

So, goals. How’d I do?


Stretch every day.

I scheduled in some PT sessions and couldn’t make it to them for reasons out of my control. However, I foam rolled every other day and did yoga sessions from the Grokker videos on several days. Sometimes, I’d do my own yoga moves but I stuck to this and it certainly helped. I stretched every day. ACCOMPLISHED!

Go long!

Let me tell you about how I FINALLY ran that Half Marathon! (<– Click for recap) Haha! OMG! It was amazing. The day I reached 10 miles was amazing. I had done leg day on Friday, did a fun bike ride of 16mi on Saturday and then Sunday I ran my 10 miles. Getting to the double digits was the best feeling in the world. I had never made it that far and I almost cried… Because my body, that’s why. But I ran that Half Marathon, a goal in the making for the last 4 years. ACCOMPLISHED!

Listen to my body.

Funny how this is exactly what I did after that 10 mile run though. Because my legs and lower back had 3 days of tough workouts, I woke up on Monday with a bit of back pain. I also had a few issues and was stressed so my headaches were coming back. So I decided to use the first two days to just do some yin yoga for the hips and lower back. It certainly helped but it wasn’t enough. I decided to rest until the pain went away. It took a full week. I should mention I had also been doing heavy housework at my parents and that didn’t help. After the pain went away I weighed my options: go back to running and risk an injury or continue to rest some more until right before the race, which would make it one more week of rest? I chose the latter. It was probably the best decision I made. But I listened to my body. ACCOMPLISHED!

They weren’t the hardest of goals. I must admit that. Except they were. I was on party mode so I could’ve used that as a great excuse for everything and anything. But I didn’t. Knowing that I wanted to run that race right before coming back was everything to me and accomplishing that and making it happen was something so meaningful that I couldn’t risk it.

I have to say that I had an amazing start to 2016. I mentioned to a friend how I wouldn’t care if everything after that race went downhill, it would be alright. Obviously I don’t want things to go downhill but it was such a high for me that I don’t see what could bring me down. But I obviously will continue to do the stretching and listening to my body so that I can make it to my race in April and the rest of the year and as long as I can with no injuries.

Did you accomplish your goals for January? What did you set out for February?



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