Monthly Goal Update

Cause It Ain’t Easy

Honestly, I kinda just realized it’s March and that I needed to see how I did this past month. This past week and a half has been full of studying for exams and I’m still attempting to memorize a song in Arabic so that I can avoid taking my Arabic midterm in the coming week.

Before I break down how I did, let me just say this last week did not help. I actually didn’t work out for a week. I wasn’t busy. I was exhausted. Busy would be not having any time to fit in your workout and that’s not the case. I had time, but I was using that time to rest, study for said exams and to just stare blankly into space and continue to question myself on why I chose a major in the sciences. I’ve just been exhausted, to the point my headaches came back because I was so stressed with the exams.

No regrets. No guilt. I love working out and I believe this was my way of listening to my body. I am not hammering myself down for missing a week. Instead, I chose to focus on school and not force myself to do a workout that I would hate. Let me paint you this: running outside, thinking you’re going to release some stress with every step you take… instead, you’re calculating the number of questions you need to get right to pass your exam or attempting to come up with an outline of what to study for your government class where your professor doesn’t really tell you what’s really on the exam. Not my idea of a great run. So, no. I chose to not force myself to have a miserable, stressful workout. But today, I head out and literally smiled when I started up RunKeeper. It was amazing.

Now, here’s the breakdown:

Stretch every day.

I did rather well. Not great, but well. Up until two weeks ago, I was going to both yoga sessions at school every week. Missed the sessions last week, but did yoga on my own twice right before bed. This past week I did nothing.

I did continue to make small every day stretches to alleviate my back and neck from sitting for so many hours.

Learn, Learn and Learn Some More.

This has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about kale and avocado for example. I’ve also improved my meal planning and have realized I still need to increase my portions. I also let go of soda for lent and that’s going rather well.

As for learning about my workouts, I’ve improved my form in a lot of the CrossFit workouts, such as the power snatch and back squat. I also want to share a huge accomplishment. I had never done a pull up before. I basically couldn’t even hang off the bar before. Now, I can do scapula pull ups and can hang off for at least 10 knee raises. That’s a lot of work and sure, there’s a lot of strength involved but it’s important to note that perfecting form is a learning process.

Balance school, social life and my fit life.

I kinda started the post off with this. Haha! I am taking 4 courses this semester: Organic Chemistry with it’s lecture, recitation and lab, Arabic I, Calculus I and American Government. Organic chem is killing me. The lab work is insane and that exam took me more than a week to study for and got an 80. Arabic is surprisingly the easiest class ever but the rest are just normal, study enough type of classes.

My social life is ehh. Haha! Seriously. I’ve hung out with my friend a few times but too busy to make new friends. I’ve made a few friends at school but none to hang with outside. Well, one. I have kept in contact with a few friends via text and phone a bit more than I used to so I would say that’s a good thing. Basically, I have very little friends.

Working out and sticking to my training plan has been the most successful part of this whole balancing thing. Except for this past week of course.


I only fully accomplished one of my goals. I wouldn’t, however, say the other two were a fail. I learned a lot on managing my time and still had a very productive month and continue to take care and listen to my body.

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