#ILoveMondays · Running


For months at a time, I seem to have all my ducks in a row and life is perfect. I find time to balance school, my social life, my alone time and my fit life. Other times, I’m wondering how I thought it was Monday when it’s really Friday or how I thought I was gonna make it to bed by 11PM and suddenly it’s 12:59AM.

I always find a way to have all those little ducklings in a row again, if even for a few months, though. I didn’t work out for about 6 weeks because I chose to take two 5 week courses this summer session. I had no social life whatsoever, pulling all-nighters every week and unable to sneak in even the shortest possible workout. I missed it.

That summer session is over and now I’m only taking one course and in the process of finally starting a job. I’m ecstatic. The best part, though? I’ve started working out again and if you know me, that is heaven.


Around mile 8 during my 10-miler on Sunday. Check out that tan though. -_-


So after two weeks of having been back at it, today I start the 2nd week of the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 Marathon training plan. I’m a big fan of his training plans so I always resort to them when I want to improve a distance I’ve already run or train for a new distance. The first week was full of a little discomfort, mostly in the shins, so I’ve been stretching a little before every run and doing at least a 20-minute yoga session after every run.

I’ll try to post consistently but I’m still taking one course and time isn’t always a bestie of mine, but I’ll try. Hope you are all finding time to do the things you love!


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