Monthly Goals

indexRemain consistent in my training.

Some days work will have me exhausted by the end of the day. Some days it’ll rain. Other days, especially this summer, it’ll be scorching hot AND humid (and lord, has it been humid!). Some times I’ll just be tired or lazy, or both. Maybe some weekends I’ll want to sleep in but gotta make it to brunch and then I’ll tell myself I can probably skip the workout. Nope. The plan is that I need to stick to my training schedule as much as I can and discuss any modifications with my coach in advance so that there is no room for excuses. Prior to my injury I was waking up bright and early to get my workouts in prior to work and with difficulty getting a full night’s rest, it’s hard to go back to that schedule but that is inevitably the plan. Doing what is necessary to keep me on track will help me.

Enjoy myself.

Running is a beautiful sport. I have grown to love it in the last 8+ years. But there are days when you just don’t want to do this $#&% anymore. Not because you don’t like it but because the body sometimes just wants something new or just requires more care in order to not feel drained. This means I have to work on my mental strength and find ways to continue to enjoy the act of running itself. Is it to choose a new route with a different view? Is it to discover a new path in the park I do my long runs in? How do I get out of my head and not drag my feet? How do I put more work on my arms and less on my legs to not feel them so heavy? At my coach’s suggestion, I bike as a warm up to lengthen my workout and have used this as a strategy to discover new routes and the scenery has been just as gorgeous (hello NYC skyline!).  I am eager to see how baby steps will make my favorite activity much more enjoyable as the weeks go on.

Stop treating myself SO much!

I don’t eat all the junk food because I run. I eat all the junk food because I believe if I cave now, I won’t binge later. It doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, I use it as an excuse. Other days, I just crave it and won’t deny myself from enjoying the food that I want. I realize this is most certainly hindering my progress in weight loss, muscle building and in my running performance. I don’t want to say I will stop doing it and will eat super clean and super detailed meals from now on. I am not one to count calories or macros. But I need to be more conscious about it. Not sure if this is because I’m just not in a good emotional place or if it’s just that self-discipline focusing on something else instead of my dietary necessities. Regardless, I want to continue to meal prep and keep my “outside/comfort food” to a minimum.