#ILoveMondays · Yoga


It’s Monday.

You’ve realized the temperatures aren’t going back to the 60s. Heck, they might not even be reaching the 50s.

Some of you have seen more snow already than what I saw last winter. Some of you are freaking out cause it’s too cold at 66 degrees.

That’s no excuse. Mondays come every week. The seasons come once a year. You’ve got 365 days in a year and a day lost is much more than just a day lost.


Don’t feel like heading out for a solo run? Feel like you need more of a stretch to get your day started but want to challenge yourself a bit? Check out this video that @the_southern_yogi posted on her Instagram yesterday afternoon. Fingertip push-ups?! I’m calling that a challenge.

So… basically, if you plan on doing nothing today, at least take less than 5 minutes and give this a try. Make your own little time-lapse videos (those are incredibly fun!) & then post it on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever you have. Make sure to add a little positivity with #ILoveMondays!

***I have never met Morgan but I’ve been following her for some time & I love her posts. Always great to see what your body is strong enough to do after practice, determination and discipline. Make sure to check her out when you get a chance.& seriously, those pants?! I want them!***

Enjoy your Monday!


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