Prepping for Winter Running – Part 2

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Feels kinda funny to write this considering that somehow, we’re back to the 60s in mid December?! I mean, what?! Shouldn’t we be in the low 30s or much lower by now? I mean, some cities in the West Coast have already seen snow and here we are, on the East Coast, almost breaking records for warmest temps. I’m all for no slushiness but this high and low temp variations are making us sick, which is definitely not a good thing.

But any who, it was pretty chilly in the beginning of this week and I felt it in two places: my arms & my ears. So, that’s what I’m gonna focus on today.


Check these out! So, as you saw in Part 1 of this series, I like a bit of a thumbhole in my tops but that’s definitely nowhere close to enough to keep half of my hand warm. I’ve definitely felt the chill in my hands and while I might be wearing bullets, my hands can feel numb by the time I’m done and well, that’s no good. So I wanted a pair of gloves. Nothing fancy, but definitely something that would go with everything. && voila! look at what I found.

I almost didn’t go with these cause I immediately assumed they’d be more expensive, which they were, but not by much. What made me grab them?

  • I can use my phone while I have the glove on. Why would I want to take off the glove to switch my phone or pause or stop Runkeeper?
  • The inside feels super cozy but you can feel that it will keep you dry as well as warm.
  • The cuff is a bit longer than some other gloves apparently, which I found useful when I wear it under a jacket that cuts at the wrist.
  • It’s not just a glove, but not a mitten either. It’s BOTH! I was stoked about this. In the first picture, the mitten is hidden under the pocket on the top part of the glove. I have the mitten on in the last picture.
  • It’s water and wind resistant which is great.
  • I’m not a fan of the huge Saucony logo on the mitten. However, it’s reflective and it’s great since daylight is so scarce in the winter time. The line on the glove is also reflective.
  • I like to read the labels before I buy anything. This label said that the fleece nose wipe was soft against cold noses. I thought that was funny. But it makes sense, I mean, I’m sure many of us get sick during the winter and I’ve ran with a runny nose before. Disgusting, but definitely makes sense. I’m just not sure I’d wear it more than once without washing if I got anything on my gloves. 😮
  • They also come with a little magnetic circle that’s meant to keep them together. I guess so that we don’t have a sock situation in the washer/dryer?


My newest jacket doesn’t have a hoodie. However, I’ve also noticed I would hate running with a hoodie on. So, what’s a girl to do but figure out what to do? I’ve tried using headbands before, not for the winter but just to keep my hair out of my face. That’s never worked for more than 5 minutes. I lost my Spartan race headband a bit shy of a month ago and I’m still feel that a bit. Seriously, I had it on and then I got home, was gonna take it off and “oh snap, where’d it go?”

So I needed a beanie. I checked some out online and was very happy to learn that some of them have the little holes for the ponytails. So off I went to my favorite running store again and I narrowed my choices down to two based on color, ponytail hole and feel. Why did I choose this one?

  • The fit from this beanie was just right and it covered my ears without feeling too big. Snug enough.
  • The area that covers the ears actually feels like a headband, sort of. It’s a bit warmer and feels like theres a bit more cushion on it.
  • The logo isn’t complete out there. I’m huge on this. Especially because it tends to be in another color, as is the case here. The a on the front is simple and the asics on the back isn’t that out there, just right above the ponytail.
  • When I run, I prefer to have a bun or a high ponytail. I try to avoid wet hair on my neck as it is very bothersome. So while I know that this wouldn’t be a huge issue being that my neck would be covered I would still have preferred the hole to be a bit higher.
  • Like just about every clothing piece you use for running and cycling, it also has a reflective line just above the ponytail.
  • The color was absolutely pretty. Because I wanted a black beanie I didn’t even look at the color combo for the grey ones but I loved the purple. Not reversible though, which is completely fine with me.
  • It makes me look a bit bald. My cousin made his point here. But am I really trying to find my soulmate during my run? Ok, yes. Maybe. But I would most likely ignore you during the first 3 attempts just because I’m trying to run here, lol. It’s job is to help me run during the winter.

What is your go to winter running accessory? What do you look for? Warmth or specific weather resistance?

Next week, I’ll show you my winter specific tops and tights. I’ve also got a few jackets lined up, with one jacket in particular that I’m head over heels with.

Stay warm!


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